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Counselling & EFT Clients

"You showed me great empathy, professionalism and understanding. The EFT and Matrix Reimprinting helped me overcome my issues. It has also had a positive impact on my dyslexia.Thank you for your help. It is reassuring to know that there are people like yourself who are happy and able to help."


‘I am sincerely grateful to you for the wisdom and insights you shared with me.’


‘It is a huge skill to enable people like me to see themselves and the world in a different light and encourage a healthier way of thinking and being., and you practise that skill brilliantly. Thank you.’


‘You helped me face and challenge my problem. I just felt for the first time in years, at ease and able to talk about my problems.’


‘You were the ONLY counsellor I’ve seen to make me feel valued.’


‘No one listened (previously). I really needed help. I would have done something (suicide), but for the help you gave me.’


‘In counselling I felt listened to, and it was somewhere to go. I’ve got something worthwhile out of each session. I’ve come and felt another load has been lifted.’


‘There was someone to hold my hand along the way and point me in the right direction.’


"Thank you for your help and support throughout my troubled time. It has been much appreciated. You have given hope when there was none and given me strength when I was weak. Thank you."


‘My personal life is calmer and I understand my problems and fears more.’


‘I was helped to remain at work, which was my intention, as I did not want to be off sick again.’


Ros used EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) with me, combined with what I’d term “speaking therapy”, which helped resolve the issues that I was having. After just one session using EFT I had managed to reframe how I felt about a serious physical attack I sustained some years ago- I was surprised at the emotional release I felt and the lasting relief. "



"On both a professional and personal level, Ros has been fantastic, she is very warm, welcoming and extremely easy to talk to. I’m always amazed how much information she retains from session to session about my personal case. A clear passion for her field of work is apparent!”


"Matrix imprinting helped resolve colitis enabling me to introduce more foods into my diet. "


"My Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  has gone and after only ten minutes of EFT. I saw my consultant afterwards and he said there was no need for injections. I now have full movement and no pain."