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Ros Powell has been a counsellor and trainer for more than 25 years and is a

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy Registered Accredited Practitioner.


She uses an intergrative model and also a cognitive behavioural approach which helps clients to challenge their negative, and sometimes irrational thoughts, and to find more realistic responses.


Ros also uses a brief therapy model when appropriate, which means clients focus on solving the problems by setting realistic goals and making the necessary changes in their lives. More recently the use of Emotional Freedom Technique has helped to accelerate the counselling process with many clients.


Ros is also an Emotional Freedom Technique Advanced Practitioner and has experienced a very high level of success using this therapy for both physical and emotional problems.


One of her particular interests is helping clients with addiction problems, which includes drugs, alcohol and gambling. She teaches most of her clients relaxation skills, which generally prove very effective and beneficial. These skills help clients to relax and can also help to reduce cravings for drugs or alcohol.


Ros is experienced in trauma work and has counselled may people who have been through very distressing events, such as stabbings, muggings and bank raids. She was involved in counselling at the Paddington rail disaster. She also ran therapy groups at The Woodbourne Priory private psychiatric hospital, both for general patients and for The Addictions Treatment Programme for many years.


Ros is in private practice and sees clients with many different problems, ranging from work-related stress, relationship issues to anxiety and depression and many others.


Ros hopes that if you feel the need to make changes in your life, but just don’t know where to begin, or who to talk to, that you may consider contacting her.


She can have an informal word with you on the telephone with you and take your time in deciding whether you feel the counselling route is the right one for you. Or you have one session and then decide whether or not to continue.


Appointments offered face-to-face (Covid permitting) or online via Skype or Zoom. Ros does not work evenings or weekends


Location: Hall Green, Birmingham.

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